The Dugout - The Team

Ajit Ravindran

Co-founder & Managing Director
Brand, Sponsorship & Sport Marketing Professional | Travelholic| Single Malt Votary

Sport marketing practitioner since 2003

Co-founded Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. in 2008.

In brand & P&L management since 2012: Last role was with Procam International as Sr. Vice President Established new product verticals viz. the Coca-Cola Cricket Cup, Airtel Rising Stars with Manchester United and Mahindra Youth Football Challenge. Enhanced the sport of running with value propositions like Nike Runners Meet, Volini Recovery Zone, BMW Motorcade etc.

Sport in India, beyond cricket, is sponsorship driven: Generated over INR 200 cr. to non-cricket sport in the country

Namrata Parekh

Co-founder & Director
Brand & Consumer Engagement Specialist | Rainmaker | Reader | Dream Catcher

Having started her career as a Creative Producer & RJ with Red FM, Namrata went on to complete her Masters in BusinessAdminstration, Advertising and Communication, from the Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication. In over 6 years, Namrata, also worked with JWT, Bloomberg UTV and Jagran Solutions.

In her last assignment as Head – Relationship Management at Procam International, Namrata has added value to brands like Nike, Standard Chartered, TCS, Kingfisher and Audi to name a few, with her expertise and skillful direction. She has been credited with enhancements in terms of sponsor deliveries across SCMM, ADHM and TCSW10k.

With over 8 years of experience, she has to her credit a diverse work portfolio ranging in Radio, Sales, Brand Activation, Account Management & Planning, Design and Graphics and Creative Copywriting.

Namrata is our in-house Experiential Marketing expert and her forte lies in creative ideation and on ground-execution.

Toshan Patil

Co-founder & Director
Brand & Sponsorship Specialist | Contrarian | Sesquipedalian | Seeker | Global Citizen

Toshan graduated from the University of Exeter in 2012 with a BA Honours Degree in Business and Management. Toshan’s expertise lies in using content as an effective tool to increase ROI for brands and partners.

In his previous role at Procam International, he worked closely with a host of clients such as DHL, Cigna TTK, Enerzal, TCS, Fortis Hospitals and helped enhance their engagement.

During his 2-year stint at Procam, Toshan was involved in raising over USD $ 2.5 million in sponsorships.

Harshal Shah

Wealth Management Specialist | Investment Expert | Finance Guru | Rib Tickler

Harshal is the Chief Financial Officer for Meraki. His areas of responsibility include corporate finance, business finance, operations planning & assurance, investor relations and taxation for the group.

A finance professional with over a decade’s experience, Harshal’s expertise lies in Fund Management, Capital Markets & Investment Banking. During his career he has managed INR 300 Crores of Assets (USD $50 million) and raised capital to the tune of INR 130 Crores (USD $22 million).

Ramesh Thakur

Independent Director
Wealth Management Specialist | Investment Expert | Finance Guru | Rib Tickler

A veteran in the industry of sport, Ramesh started his career in company finance at the age of 21. Very soon, he moved to Procam International and began a 25+ year old journey of creating sport properties from scratch.

Over the course of his career, Ramesh has established himself on the board of directors at India’s largest timing solutions company- Timing Technologies India Ltd. He also is a director of finance at the Marcus group of hotels in Goa.

He is responsible for putting on ground –operationally and financially, some of India’s largest distance running properties, namely- SCMM (now Tata Mumbai Marathon), ADHM, TCSW10K and Tata Steel Kolkata 25k .

At Meraki, in his role as Independent Director, Ramesh is key in government relations, liaising, project planning and overall company / project financial health management.

Giselle Mendes

General Manager- Projects and Key Accounts

After having dabbled in the media industry and the fast paced avenues of venture capital, Giselle, our General Manager, finally found her calling within the exciting field of event management.

A graduate in Mass Communication, she likes to ride the exhilarating project journey from thought to execution, beyond the variegated obstacles that surely cross her path.

Our master delegator enjoys a crisis, and lists putting out fires as her primary skill.

Her other achievements include an affinity to excel at excel spreadsheets, and avoiding a dispassionate response while creating task lists.

An invaluable member of the Meraki Community, she ensures the team remains motivated and determined at all times.

Lalit Varma

Head - Brand Solutions

A sports enthusiast with experience in business development and practical knowledge of numerous areas of sports business, Lalit have been a versatile lover of sports such as Handball, Fencing, Indoor Cricket, Tchouk Ball and Boxing, even at the District – State & National level.

Lalit is a post graduate in sports management from IISWBM - Calcutta University. He's a competent marketer with first-hand experience in sports marketing, B2B marketing and sales, together with client relationship experience.

He was previously with C-Lab, a division of Dentsu Aegis Network and as their Sports Business Manager, has worked closely with brands, athletes, franchises across different sporting verticals etc. Amongst other things, Lalit has was responsible for the partnership between COOLWINKS and Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2019 and Cadbury Fuse and Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2018 IPL.

Sharba Tasneem

Head - Talent and Content

Having completed her Sports Management education from the prestigious IISM Mumbai, Sharba had her first brush with the industry at 8848 Sports, as a project manager.

Her first full time role began at Meraki in 2016 and in the last two years, she has supervised on- ground operations for the Mirchi Monsoon Marathon, Mirchi Neon Run and two chapters of The Music Run, Bengaluru besides managing 7 athletes of the Meraki roster: Olympians Dipa Karmarkar and Devendra Jhajharia amongst them.

She has also been the project head for Meraki’s initiative- Pedal Delhi, 2017- India's Premier Cyclothon, where she cemented her status as being a fun, hard-working individual.

With a keen interest in digital and social marketing, on ground operations & logistics, people management and sport-related banter, Sharba is an integral part of the core team at Meraki Sport and Entertainment.

Sunil Khapre

Head – Finance & Accounts

A self-proclaimed workaholic, Sunil Sirwill not let even a single rupee escape his balance sheets without getting it tallied. He always entertains any doubts on policies of the company and will explain things with the kindness. PS. You do not want to be on the receiving end of a phone call with him if your payments are pending.

Advay Parasnis

Sr. Manager – Strategy & Digital

Although he has late lunches, you will always spot Advay munching on something. Advay is a gourmand but he also consumes data on sports, especially football, more often than he consumes breakfast, lunch and dinner. He will always be open to brainstorming on strategies for clients, but you will also have a good sparring partner in case you need to have a discussion on everything sport.

Kevin Dedhia

Manager - Key Accounts and Projects

Kevin started his first brush with sport management with PMG Pvt. Ltd. It has been one year since Kevin has been a part of Meraki, where his contribution has been on executing on-ground events. Kevin also looks after our talents and is extremely astute with keeping accounts. He loves to manage his time and is particular about meeting his deadlines.

Ankita Chavan

Manager- Admin and HR

Ankita is generally silent but equally focused towards her work. She is well equipped with her roles and responsibilities and forms a great team in tandem with Sunil Sir. Her hobbies include reading and cooking Maharashtrian food, some of which we are yet to receive the good fortune of tasting.

Prathmesh Shivalkar

Sr. Manager – Design & Creative

Prathmesh is what you'd probably get if The Hulk had a mastery over the art and science of designing. He is a sorcerer who can create magic when given a mouse for a wand in his hand to go with Photoshop on his PC. He also loves playing cricket and carrom and his love for history and Shivaji Maharaj also go hand in hand.

Onkar Sawant

Manager- Design

If Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso were Maharashtrians, they would have enjoyed discussing not only art but also history and politics with our Creative and Design Executive. Onkar is well versed with Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw amongst many designing software. He also loves to hum songs every now and then and is hence a delight to sit next to if you want some entertaining company.

Steffis Gomes

Associate Manager - Projects and Key Accounts

Steffis is a man with a dream. A very simple dream, mostly involving nachos and beer, but a dream nonetheless.

He is a life form evolved to live off movies, comics, video games, junk food and snark.A force to be reckoned with, He reckons. He believes 90% of your problems can be solved by marketing. Solving the other 10% just requires good procrastination skills.

Dhruv Shah

Assistant Manager- Talent & Content

Dhruv is the one of the recent additions to our Dugout. He's a member of the society for shy sapiens and you'll probably catch him daydreaming in the second half of the day; it's mostly about Manchester United's glory days and possible resurgence. He possesses a post-graduate degree in sport management and an ability to write content at will. Throw any topic at him out of the blue and he’ll be up for grabs.

Before this, he had pursued music professionally and now that remains his favourite hobby, other than consuming knowledge on different sports through any medium possible.

His keen interest remains to manage talent and simultaneously enhance our roster’s digital presence as well.

Tanvi Raut

Client Servicing - Executive

After graduating with a degree in Mass Media Advertising, Tanvi started working as an assistant producer in the television industry for non-fiction shows and ads. She worked for a year and half before deciding to pursue a career in the sports industry and completed her post graduate degree from Ironwood sports management global academy.

Her love for sport was inculcated through the vast amount of badminton she played in school.

A potterhead still trying to figure out how to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Tanvi enjoys music, books, and movies, when she isn't busy pitching our athletes to brands.

Ketan Raykar

Head of Office Administration

Our Head of Office Administration, Ketan, performs the daunting task of maintaining a habitable standard of living at the office everyday.

An exceptionally talented manager, he displays a fierce work ethic suitable for managing any kind of crisis, and is very popular amongst the other employees.

A valued member of our staff, he transforms the workplace into a second home for all, keeping morale high all day with his good nature.

Ayush Pereira

Jr. Executive – Creative and Content

Despite being an ex-professional footballer, Ayush exhibits all the traits expected of a pseudo-sportsman. Committed to perfecting the trade of content creation, he regularly seeks inspiration for his ideas from the real world: YouTube clips of his favourite footballer, Thierry Henry.

His other favourite pastimes include hounding the internet for food-related discount coupons, taking several breaks and using big words to justify his paycheque.

Keshav Anandh

Manager- Planning and Strategy

The unanimous winner of the poll for the prestigious title, 'Keeper of the Office Keys', Keshav believes in the sanctity of marriage.. even though his spouse isn't human, or even a living being, it's his job.

Committed to consuming vast amounts of data and sports related content, he is a renowned authority on all matters Sport, sparking rationality in every discussion.

His love affair with the industry began with his experience at Leeds.

Intelligent, ambitious and always ready to help, he is a great asset to Meraki.

Anurag Saikia

Manager – Product & Content

Starting out as a stock broker to spending time in B2B Sales, Anurag won the Jack of All Trade Awards while pursuing his Masters in Communication. In a post-apocalyptic world without Google, he would probably be your best bet for information on sports, films and technology. His other attributes include shooting and editing content on his smartphone. When not working on social media content plans, he likes to flash custom roms on bricked Android devices.

Niket Gadoya

Digital & Social Media Executive

An ardent supporter of Manchester United, Niket is also a proud holder of a diploma in Sports Management from the prestigious Ironwoods Institute.

The latest addition to our burgeoning creative team, he lists writing as his main passion, with playing sports and watching movies as a close second and third. A keen observer and fast learner, his potential to disrupt the world of digital marketing is apparent.