Date of birth: 16th October, 1993
Birthplace: Kodagu, Karnataka






As a 9-year-old boy, Trishul first tried his hand at golf on the Bittangala Golf Course in his hometown, the "Scotland of India", Kodagu. To this day, Trishul proudly states that there was an instant connection and love for the sport, from the very first time he swung his club. Trishul was always sure that sport was going to be the career path for him. Moving to Bangalore at the age of 9, Trishul excelled at hockey, football and cricket at the school level representing the St.Joseph’s Boys High School. Through all of this though, Golf remained his primary focus and passion.

While playing at the Bangalore Golf Club, his talent was noticed by club members and the coaching staff. Backed by his parents and the sports-enthusiastic community of Kodagu, Trishul started taking part in competitive tournaments at the age of 11. And by the time he was 13, he was representing India at international tournaments across the globe.

In his career, Trishul has a long list of victories to his name already. Trishul finished 2014 as the winner of the Amateur Championship of India. Now, Trishul along with his mentor and coach Tarun Sardesai has decided that the time is right to take on the world of professional golf and has been steadily training towards it.

  • Winner, National Champion, 114th Amateur Championship of India, 2014
  • Gold Medal, Asian Junior Golf Team Championship, 2010
  • India #1, Junior Category, 2010
  • Rolex Award of Excellence, 2010
  • Toyota Player of the Year, 2010